4 Simple Steps—and you’re on your way to hosting a Simulcast

1. Choose your event

2. Register from the event’s page homepage or call 888-235-7948

3. Promote your event

4. Ensure proper technical set-up and test your connections

Promotion Plan

in:ciite Events is focused on meeting needs of the local church. We want your event to be a successful outreach, kick-off to small groups, church-wide gathering, or whatever your needs may be, but we know every event depends on a strong promotional plan. Activating your church body to spread the word and announcing your event to a community-wide audience is very important to the success of your event, and there are some simple, yet effective, ways to ensure everyone knows when and where your event will be happening.

View and Download System Requirements

In order to host a simulcast you need to make sure you have the following:
• An Internet Connection
• A desktop or laptop computer
• A mobile phone or tablet

We will be streaming your event at the highest possible quality, but it is very important for you to know that the quality you receive is very dependent on your internet connection and the projection capability of your venue.

After reading the following information, if you still have questions or need assistance, please contact us. We will assist you.

Next Follow These Steps

To further insure your ability to simulcast your event you should check your actual download speeds, please visit www.speedtest.net.


Click BEGIN TEST and speedtest.net will AUTOMATICALLY test your speed and give you an accurate indication of your capacity. The results will have three categories PING, DOWNLOAD SPEED, and UPLOAD SPEED.

Test your speed for compatibility with our simulcast streaming provider.The DOWNLOAD SPEED number is the one that is important for your broadcast capability. Your network connection should sustain a download speed of 3.5 Mbps or greater to view the simulcast on the High Bandwidth Link. A lower speed of 1.5 Mbps will work on the Lower Bandwidth option.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The quality you will see and receive is fully dependent on your internet connection and your equipment. It is highly recommended that only one computer be accessing the network during the broadcast.

During the live event, we recommend a dedicated internet connection for the computer you are using to download the stream. We also recommend that the connection be wired, not wireless. TIP: You have limited bandwidth, and more users accessing the same network will lead to slower download times, and may degrade the performance of the stream.
If you have any concerns about your download speeds, contact your Internet Service Provider. Typically, ISPs can bump up your speed for events like this for a limited time at no additional charge. REMEMBER: You will want to have sustained download speeds of 20Mb/s to be safe.

Helpful Do’s & Do Not’s

DO Check with your Internet Service Provider if you suspect your download speed is not consistent. Cable and DSL may have fluctuation in the available bandwidth during a live streaming event, which could cause buffering in the system.

DO Take advantage of the TESTING times provided to help insure you discover any problematic issues ahead of the broadcast.

DO Check your computer for active screensavers or sleep modes and deactivate them.

DO Check your video projector resolution to ensure that it matches your computer resolution. In full screen mode on your computer, you should see full screen with your projector. It is recommended after connecting your computer to the projector that you power on the computer first then the projector for auto detecting resolution.

DO NOT use your wireless network for the primary streaming. Any additional connection to your wireless system will result in loss of bandwidth and cause buffering or freezing.

DO NOT allow other users on your network during the simulcast if possible. It will greatly diminish the quality of your bandwidth signal.

DO NOT have other applications running on your computer simultaneously such as virus scanning, updates, or backup software.

DO NOT PANIC! If you have questions or concerns, please contact us using the information given you prior to the event.