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To Be Told Simulcast Event

Hosting a To Be Told simulcast is a unique opportunity to bring Dr. Dan Allender to your church and experience alongside your friends and family how our stories shape our faith, understanding of self, relationships, and engagement in everyday life. By hosting this event you’ll be creating an environment where the individuals, leaders, or small groups of your church can delve into their unique stories and explore how life experiences have shaped who they are today. And by exploring the complexities of our story, we will discover the true goodness of relationships, delight, and love that God desires for each of us.

“Our own life is the thing that most influences and shapes our outlook, our tendencies, our choices and our decisions. It is the force that orients us toward the future, and yet we don’t give it a second thought, much less a careful examination. It’s time to listen to our own story.” – Dan Allender, To Be Told


Dr. Dan Allender has pioneered a unique and innovative approach to trauma and abuse therapy over the past 30 years. Central to Dr. Allender’s theory and approach are the categories of Faith, Hope and Love, and their converses betrayal, ambivalence, and powerlessness. Through identifying and engaging these categories in one’s personal narrative, healing and transformation can occur by bridging the story of the gospel and the stories of trauma and abuse that mark so many.

After receiving his Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary, Dr. Allender earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Michigan State University. Dan taught in the Biblical Counseling department of Grace Theological Seminary for seven years (1983-1989). From 1989-1997, Dan worked as professor in the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling program at Colorado Christian University in Denver. In 1997, Dan and a cadre of others founded The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, in order to train therapists, pastors, artists, and leaders to more effectively serve in the context of the 21st century. Dan served as President of The Seattle School from 2002-2009.

Dan continues to serve as Professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School. He travels and speaks extensively to present his unique perspective on sexual abuse recovery, love and forgiveness, intimacy and marriage, worship, and other related topics. Dan is the author of The Wounded HeartThe Healing PathTo Be Told, and God Loves Sex, and he has co-authored several books with Dr. Tremper Longman, including Intimate AlliesThe Cry of the SoulBold Love, and Bold Purpose.



Session 1

Teaching – 6:30-8:30pm CT and PT / 7:30-9:30 ET and MT


Session 2

Teaching – 9:00-10:30am CT and PT / 10:00-11:30am ET and MT

Break – 10:30-10:45am CT and PT / 11:30-11:45am ET and MT

Teaching – 10:45-12:00pm CT and PT / 11:45-1:00pm ET and MT

Lunch Break – 12:00-1:30pm CT and PT / 1:00-2:30pm ET and MT

Teaching – 1:30-3:00pm CT and PT / 2:30-4:00pm ET and MT

Break – 3:00-3:15pm CT and PT / 4:00-4:15pm ET and MT

Teaching – 3:15-4:30pm CT and PT / 4:15-5:30pm ET and MT

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Each attendee must purchase an attendee ticket. Churches/ Groups will be given a unique registration page for their site where attendees can purchase tickets. Pricing for the event per attendee can range depending on the host site; however, pricing begins at $25 per ticket. If you have questions concerning ticket pricing, please call 1-888-238-7948.

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