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We’ve heard sermons reminding us about the importance of forgiving others, but when was the last time we heard very practical instruction on how to forgive and the spiritual AND physical reasons why?

During this two hour simulcast event, Dr. Dick Tibbits presents original medical research demonstrating how forgiveness can actually prevent heart disease as well as reduce multiple other negative physical and emotional elements in a person. As Christians we understand the overwhelming need for forgiveness both for our salvation and relationship with God and others, but during this event, you’ll not only see the spiritual importance, but the physical reality of forgiveness as well. This process could save your life!

  1. Discover what forgiveness means
  2. Learn 3 steps you can take right away to find relief from the pain of unforgiveness
  3. Understand how forgiveness can lower blood pressure and improve your health
  4. Learn the steps to reframe your grievance story
  5. Discover the 6 benefits of healthy anger
  6. Learn the 7 strategies for dealing with anger that don’t work
  7. Learn the 6 steps for expressing anger
  8. Understand how to take control of your future
  9. Find 9 tools for finding peace
  10. See the 10 interventions for reducing personal guilt
  11. Experience the difference between guilt and shame


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We’ve heard sermons reminding us about the importance of forgiving others, but when was the last time we heard very practical instruction on how to forgive? Host this event at your church and your community will hear the same principles taught by Dr. Tibbits in Forgive to Live seminars conducted around the world. This presents not only an opportunity for your church members to learn more about forgiveness, it’s also recognized need in all communities giving you and your church an outreach opportunity. You don’t have to be religious to recognize the benefits of forgiveness. In fact, this program is presented in such a way that it will appeal to both religious and secular people. While you and I may see forgiveness as necessary for salvation, did you know there are physical and emotional benefits as well? Start the conversation with those searching! The Forgive to Live event will present original research demonstrating how forgiveness can actually prevent heart disease, as well as reduce the negative emotions associated with holding on to a grudge..

October 21, 2017

*Host sites can choose their own start/ stop times. Contact in:ciite for more information.

Presented by Florida Hospital, Adventist University of Health Sciences Division echelon® , and Florida Hospital Clinical Pastoral Education.

This live simulcast event is appropriate for Chaplains, Nursing Professionals, Social Workers, Bereavement Specialists, Mental Health Counselors, CPE Students, Seminary and Religious Studies Students, Patient Advocates, Volunteers, Lay Ministers and other persons in care giving vocations and professions. This course meets all criteria and has been approved by the Florida Board of Nursing for 1.5 CNE. 

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Learning Outcomes for the Healthcare Professionals:

Recognize – Knowledge

List mechanisms by which the mind communicates with the body.

Identify national data with specific focus on anger and heart disease.

Recognize how practicing forgiveness can reduce anger

Describe clinical research demonstrating how practicing forgiveness can reduce blood pressure.

Explain how choices have consequences.

Express – Skills

Identify positive motivations for forgiveness and the physical consequences of not forgiving.

Summarize the steps of forgiveness from the cognitive behavior perspective.

Distinguish between the consequences of choosing to forgive and the consequences of not choosing to forgive.

Relate how the cognitive approach of reframing is a foundation of forgiveness

Apply – Practice

Analyze how feelings shape perceptions.

Assess the difference between perception and reality.

Define both what forgiveness is and what it is not.

Discuss how choices can be conscious and unconscious.

Express how the choice to forgive benefits individuals more than choosing to blame others for problems.


  • This CE activity has met the credentialing guidelines for 1.5 CNE – Category General, and upon successful completion the participant will be awarded 1.5 CNE.
  • Participants must use code to waive the registration fee: FTLBC17
  • Code expires December 31, 2017. Participants must register and take the post-test before December 31, 2017.

    If you would like continuing education credit for this simulcast, please CLICK HERE and register by clicking on the LIVE EVENTS Tab. Once you have completed the simulcast you will return to your “Live Event” registration and complete the evaluation survey. Upon successful completion of this activity, your Certificate of Completion for CE credit will be immediately available online for you to print. Note: If you are a Florida Licensee your credit will automatically transmit to CE Broker.

    Adventist University of Health Sciences Division echelon® is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the Florida Board of Nursing.



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