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Faith + Sexuality + Culture Simulcast

We have all seen and heard the news stories that are in the mainstream media these days. It’s heartbreaking! Sex trafficking, abortion, gender identity and the list goes on. We want to lead others on this tough issue and we want you to join us! 

It’s time for REAL conversations about Biblical Truth, Sexuality, and Culture. It’s time to address and answer some tough questions. It is not the time to shy away from the situations, conversations, and the people who need the Truth. Are we ready to look deep into our own lives, our own relationships and then, equipped with Truth and humility ready to speak to others about Jesus in light of our culture today with fortitude and bravery?

Sex and relationships are a gift. We believe it is time for the church to speak up with Biblical Truth about this God-given gift and speak out about the evil one who is stealing it from us. Distortions of truth and love are rampant and in many forms from pornography to homosexuality from infidelity to human trafficking… the list goes on. We cannot be unwise or unaware any longer and we must be ready with an answer for the Hope we have.

For two days, your church is invited on October 18th & 19th to host and receive expert insight, instruction, and inspiration. Your attendees will hear what real love looks like as we speak Truth with grace and compassion.

Speakers will include Will Graham, Preston Sprinkle, Shannon Ethridge and many more!

William Franklin Graham IV (Will) is the third generation of Grahams to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the banner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Will is the grandson of Billy Graham and the oldest son of Franklin Graham.

The first of Will’s crusade-style events—called Celebrations—took place in 2006 in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. His first Celebration on United States soil came later that year in Gastonia, N.C. Since then, he has held evangelistic outreaches on six continents around the world.

“I’m not trying to be the next Billy Graham; I’m just Will Graham,” says the ordained minister. “I have a burden in my heart to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If that’s to an arena full of people or one person on the street, I will do whatever God is calling me to do.”

Will graduated from Liberty University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion and in 2001 graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree.

Will and his wife, Kendra, have two daughters, Christine Jane (CJ) and Rachel Austin, and a son, William Franklin Graham V (Quinn).

Preston Sprinkle is a professor, speaker, and a New York Times bestselling author. He earned a Ph.D. in New Testament from Aberdeen University in Scotland (2007), and he’s been a professor of theology at Cedarville University (OH), Nottingham University (England), and Eternity Bible College (CA and ID).

He is passionate about approaching topics that everyone wants to know about, but no one wants to talk about. Topics like sexuality, violence, alcohol, hell, and what it means to follow a Jewish prophet-king who was executed for treason. He works hard to write, speak and teach the truth of Scripture and hopes to challenge others to read the Bible while holding their predetermined beliefs loosely.

Preston has written several books and dozens of articles. He loves to bridge the gap between the ivory tower and the pew by writing on controversial topics in an accessible and engaging way. He broke into popular-level writing when he co-authored, Erasing Hell, which sold more than 150,000 copies in the first month of its release and reached number 3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Since then, he’s written several books, which you can view HERE. Preston also hosts a daily radio show in Boise and a podcast titled Theology in the Raw, where he responds to questions sent in by his faithful listeners.

Preston and his wife, Chrissy, live in Boise, Idaho, with their three daughters and son. They love the outdoors: hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and surfing—Preston’s left-over pastime from his days in California. Favorite bands: Coldplay, U2, Josh Garrels, Beck, Rush, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley. Favorite foods: Indian, Thai, Mexican, Pub Fare, pepperoni pizza with triple pepperoni. Maybe quadruple pepperoni. And beer. Oh, and barbecue. Texas style barbecue. Throw him a rack of ribs and he might just lose his sanctification.

Shannon Ethridge is a million-copy best-selling author, international speaker, certified life coach, and advocate for healthy sexuality with a master’s degree in counseling / human relations from Liberty University. Since her mortuary days of embalming many HIV+ and AIDS patients, she has boldly spoken to high school and college students, single adults, and married couples about:
• Embracing a lifestyle of sexual integrity
• Overcoming past sexual & emotional baggage
• Cultivating genuine intimacy in marriage
• Instilling sexual values in young children.
Shannon currently resides in Richmond, Kentucky.

Dr. Joneal Kirby is the founding director of Heartfelt Ministries which has seen blessings of unprecedented growth over its dozen years of service. Heartfelt Ministries is a multi-generational mentoring program based on the teachings of Titus 2:3-5.

She is a well-known conference speaker who has presented at numerous church events for over 25 years and all over the country from Malibu, California to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She speaks on topics ranging from Biblical womanhood to teaching on marriage and family issues.


This is a 2 day event beginning on Friday night at approx. 6:ooPM CT, and ending at approx. 9:00PM CT. Beginning again Saturday morning at approx. 8:30AM CT and ending at approx. 1:30PM CT.

A detailed schedule will be available soon!

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